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Sara Wang

Licensee Salesperson

Introducing Sara Wang from the Team at Ray White Mt Roskill, who is on a mission to help you fulfil your real estate needs.

I have over 16 years of customer-centric experience, bringing a wealth of expertise to the world of real estate. My passion for this industry is fueled by the belief that each property has a unique and captivating story waiting to be discovered and that there is always a buyer for every property, just waiting to be connected with a home that not only meets your needs but also resonates with your heart.

Communication is key, and I understand the importance of truly listening to your needs and questions whether selling or buying. Having honed my skills in customer engagement, I'm equipped to effectively understand and address your expectations, making the home selling and buying process a smooth and enjoyable journey.

With full access to advanced data analysis and a deep understanding of the market trends in the area, I can provide you with comprehensive insights into property pricing, effective marketing strategies and exciting investment opportunities. Giving you the confidence to make informed decisions is my priority.

I understand that the importance of professionalism, reliability and being available to go the extra mile are crucial qualities that a client is looking for in a real estate salesperson. When clients choose to work with me, they are assured that what is promised will be delivered as my business is built with a long term view not a one-off transaction.

Consistently delivering high quality client and customer service is rewarded by positive feedback that gives confidence to all that entrust me with their real estate transactions.

I firmly believe that maintaining a positive attitude in the face of every obstacle is the key to success, especially in negotiation. Embracing a 'Can-Do' attitude continually fuels my motivation to excel in both my personal and professional endeavours.

On a personal level, I consider myself to be a caring and positive individual who values personal connections. I pride myself on my patience and ability to solve problems - it is in my DNA .

Please call me for a no obligation conversation - to see if we can start a real estate journey together .