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Nana Li李娜娜

Licensee Salesperson

With a decorated career in management and sales, Nana has led a rich and varied professional life, from hotel sales & marketing, to managing cinema complexes and ultimately holding the position of head of marketing for three international entertainment companies. Having been deeply involved in leadership positions for more than a decade, Nana's gift for problem solving, drive for success and ability to develop an instant rapport with people has made her move to real estate a natural one.

Nana understands the intricacy of the pathway to getting a property sold and couples this with warmth, empathy and professionalism. An Aucklander for more than 20 years, Nana has seen Auckland grow, develop, and metamorphosize first hand. The city has her heart and she loves to enjoy the local cuisine and explore the great outdoors with her family in her spare time.

When asked what she loves about real estate, Nana is quick to respond:

"Real estate has never felt like a job to me because I genuinely love it. Yes, real estate is 'selling houses', but it is so much more than that! To me, it isn't about the houses, it's about the people. What is happening in their lives? What are their hopes and dreams? What community do they most want to raise their family in? A house only becomes a home when you put people in it, and at the end of the day real estate is all about people".