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Anna DongTao Dong

Licensee Salesperson

Anna Dong has been in New Zealand for more than 20 years making it her home for her family and her career.

Anna joined Real Estate in  2007 with a goal to always treat others as you want to be treated and do everything she can to help families into a home. After 16 years of experience in sales and property management a day does not pass by where she is not excited about the vendors and buyers that need her help to sell or buy their home. 

Her passion and dedication to her Real Estate career allows her to work her way through the year and maintain the energy and drive as everyday is a new experience for her and this keeps her motivated. 

Annas’ customers describe her best as a professional who is trustworthy, reliable, and very hard working. Her caring nature allows her to stand well in both owners and tenants' shoes to try to meet and ensure the interests of both parties are met and build a long term relationship - like most of Annas’s customers whom she has looked after for more than 10 years and they always come back to her and refer new business. If you build trust - people will follow you.

Anna has maintained her overseas database which makes up 30% of her database, its very easy to be able to help overseas buyers navigate the process of renting, buying and selling real estate in New Zealand. I am able to manage the communication with them to ensure that they are well informed of the market both in rentals and sales and I look after their properties as if they were my own.

Anna's philosophy in my business and life is to practise tolerance, give great service, exceptional communication and always be humble and kind to others , when there is a problem - just sit and listen and let people know she is here to help.

Feel free to contact Anna for any property issues that you would like to discuss, and she would definitely do her best to solve your real estate needs.